25 August

Recap of Ricoh Global Eco Action!


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We are now ready to report the results of Ricoh Global Eco Action 2014.

[Click here for the results including local activities. ]

In addition to turning off the lights in Ricoh advertising towers and signboards on June 5, which has been carried out so far, this year conducted below two common global activities so that Group employees can participate in.

 1. Wearing green clothes or accessories on the common action day
 2. Sharing activities on the Facebook page (The page closed at the end of July)

Though these activities themselves do not contribute to reducing environmental impact directly, it was our purpose to motivate Group employees by fostering a sense of unity globally and thus revitalizing the activities.

As for "1. Wearing green clothes and accessories", most employees wore green ties, handkerchieves, and scarfs in Japan, whereas lots of employees put on green dress shirts, socks, shoes and even holding a football in Europe and the U.S. That was very impressing!

As for "2. Sharing activities on the Facebook page", the page helped to create a live atmosphere and we received positive feedback from Group employees like "I could really feel that the Ricoh Global Eco Action was conducted around the world at the same time". And we got lots of "Likes!" and positive comments,  from outside the Group.
Through these activities, we were able to make this year's theme "Sharing 'eco-mind' together" a reality.
We will further expand this eco-mind next year!





 1. 統一活動日に緑の衣服・小物を身につける
 2. Facebookページによる活動共有(7月末で終了)





05 June

Ricoh Eco Blog starts!


Hi! We have just launched the "RICOH ECO BLOG" to deliver fresh news and backstage information on Ricoh's environmental management.

The first item is all about Ricoh Global Eco Action.

Since 2006, the Ricoh Group has set June 5, 'World Environment Day', as 'Ricoh Global Eco Action', when all members of the Ricoh Group around the world think about the global environment, take eco actions, and improve their eco awareness.

And today is June 5!

Please take this opportunity to think about environmental protection and take action.
Any small action will be a step to protect global environment.

And if possible, please post your action on the Ricoh Global Eco Action Facebook page.

Let's think and act together!

この「RICOH ECO BLOG」は、リコーグループの環境経営活動に関する情報について、


リコーグループでは、国連の定める「世界環境デー」の6月5日を、「リコーグローバルエコアクション」として、地球環境について考え、行動する日としました。 2006年からスタートしたこの環境イベントは、世界中のリコーグループが参加し、主要な施設・広告塔・オフィスの消灯だけでなく、各事業所/部門や、社員一人ひとりの環境を意識した行動を呼びかけています。




Let's think and act!